Facua asks the Government to apply the trade law to cap prices By EFE

Facua asks the Government to apply the trade law to cap prices

Madrid, Sep 12 (.).- The consumer organization Facua has asked the Government this Monday to apply the trade law and set maximum prices for basic foodstuffs or caps on distribution marketing margins.

The association has participated in the meeting convened today by the Vice President of the Government Yolanda Díaz and the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, with distribution and consumers, in which it has defended bumping food “unless the distribution sector cuts its inflated margins”.

He has pointed out that the retail trade regulation law allows the Government, “after hearing the affected sectors”, to fix the prices or marketing margins of certain products and subject their modifications to control or prior administrative authorization.

This possibility is foreseen “in the case of essential products or strategic raw materials”, and exceptionally when the circumstances persist that advise intervention if there is an absence of effective competition in a certain sector, Facua pointed out.

The organization has warned that the rise in food prices is “unaffordable” for many families who cannot access healthy food, and has denounced its rise due to the “disproportionate increase in the profit margins of large distribution companies “, beyond the rise in the cost of electricity and fuel.

Faced with this situation, Facua has defended a policy of basic food price intervention, although it has been open to distribution employers offering other solutions such as a commitment to lower prices and the launch of basic baskets with great discounts in their products.

In addition, he has supported the sector’s commitment to cut its margins “provided it is real and not a strategy of displacing increases to other products, loss of quality or disposing of certain products with a low level of demand or with expiration dates or next preferential consumption”.

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