Espacio Cocina SICI is clear: the kitchens of the future will be more sustainable and technological

The next edition of Espacio Cocina SICI, which will open its doors next week from Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 September, will reveal what the kitchen of the future will be like, through an innovative project promoted by the AMC Kitchen Furniture Association, an entity that next to Feria Valencia…

The next edition of SICI Kitchen Spacewhich will open its doors next week from Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 September, will reveal what the kitchen of the future will be like, through an innovative project promoted by the AMC Kitchen Furniture Associationan entity that together with Valencia Fair organizes Kitchen Space SICI.

Under the title `Trilogy by AMC: Prospective vision of the future kitchen´, the AMC, within the framework of Valencia World Design Capital 2022, proposes a prospective on what our domestic environments will be like in the immediate future. These projects define the new concepts of the habitat in our homes, highlight the importance of the kitchen within the general space of the house, and highlight the need to incorporate design to improve the functionality and life of its inhabitants.

Three proposals, three styles, one concept
This project will materialize during the four days of the fair in an exhibition located in the Central Plaza of the SICI Kitchen Space Pavilion (N3P4) of Feria Valencia, in which three different projects will be presented, three proposals with different styles, encompassed by a concept unique: the kitchen as a social meeting place in our homess, which is gradually integrated into the main rooms of the house; the kitchen as the heart of the home.

Firms have participated in this initiative with their most innovative proposals. MobalcoHitalo and the conglomerate Home Design Hub made up of Antalia, panda, Cosentino Y Tower.

What will the kitchen of the future be like and how will it evolve in the coming decades?
The three proposals point out four major trends about what the future will be like in our homes:

  • Multifunctional, habitable and humanized

The kitchen is the space in the house in which most tasks are carried out; from preparing food, to meeting with family and friends, chatting, playing, working, reading… Kitchens are multifunctional spaces full of life. The kitchen is a place that invites you to live and enjoy it, whether you cook a lot or a little. It will be conceived as a meeting and enjoyment point with family and friends, for work and also for rest, games and fun.

The design applied to the kitchen seeks to provide it with personality and functionality, facilitating organization, storage and cleaning tasks. It seeks to create work areas and rest areas in line to live and enjoy with the family. The design seeks to generate ordered environments that provide comfort. The integral kitchen will be designed and equipped to completely satisfy all the needs of its users.

The kitchens of the future are going to be one of the central points of the home. The integration of electrical appliances and the concealment of elements will help open up the kitchen to other rooms in the house, generating large spaces that are visually connected and coordinated with the rest of the home.

We are increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the planet. The kitchen of the future will reflect the commitment of its inhabitants to sustainability and respect for the environment. From the interest in certified and environmentally friendly raw materials and materials, to the search for kitchen furniture manufacturers with a Sustainability Certificate that certifies the use of more sustainable production systems. Everything, with the aim of reducing negative impacts on the environment as much as possible.

Technology will play a decisive role in the kitchens of the coming decades, generating a more intelligent environment, designed to assist us. Thinking about sustainability, appliances with high energy efficiency that reduce energy consumption will be imposed. Artificial intelligence will help to ensure that we generate less waste and can make better use of food. The evolution of refrigerators has resulted in the creation of conservation environments adapted to each product, and systems that notify us of food expiration. The new appliances will help us with cooking. We will have practical recycling systems that facilitate waste separation tasks.

The kitchen will increasingly be more interactive and connected and will offer smart solutions. Connectivity devices will allow us to obtain recipe proposals based on the ingredients that we have on hand. Cooking can be transformed into a social experience, and we can connect with acquaintances to share recipes, prepare food with a friend or family member, even if they are far away, or have the help of a renowned chef to prepare one of their recipes.

MAIN PHOTO.: SICI Kitchen Space.


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