ESO is enough and no experience is required

Summer is over but not the job offers. Since DAY supermarkets they are looking for staff to work in their stores. Especially cashiers and stockers, the most demanded position in your job market. A professional role for which, in addition, no previous experience required (Although it is always valuable). In fact, in their published vacancies, training is offered by the company.

Thus, it is a good opportunity for all those people who are starting out in the labor market or who want to work with the public, being able to do so in a company that guarantees stability. If we focus on their supermarkets, they are even 40 vacancies those published by DIA, although you can also find positions to join their offices or warehouses.

Focusing on the former, employment in their stores, they do not ask candidates for a large number of requirements: you need a degree in ESO, immediate incorporation and know how to work in a team. In terms of qualities, they look for enthusiastic candidates, with initiative and proactive. In this sense, they coincide with the standards of To fielda group that absorbed DIA supermarkets this year (to find out how to work in Alcampoyou can see this interview from Job News with its head of talent attraction).

Job offers at DIA: how to sign up

Of the 40 vacancies published for its stores, supermarkets DAY especially looking for cashiers and replenishers. The functions of this position are to serve customers, checkout, correctly place products on the shelf, perform cleaning tasks and take care of the store’s image, change promotions, active sales and remove items that are not are fit for sale. These are the cities where they can be found job vacancies to work in this role:

  • Celra (Girona)
  • Astigarraga (Guipuzcoa)
  • Ferrol (A Coruna)
  • Bergara (Guipuzkoa)
  • Santomera (Murcia)
  • Lugo
  • Alicante
  • Santiago
  • Arzua (A Coruna)
  • Calamocha (Teruel)
  • Penafiel (Valladolid)
  • capital Madrid
  • Carrizo de la Riber (Leon)
  • Aguilar del Campo (Palencia)

As for the contracts, they offer both full-time and part-time, so they can be adapted to different time availability. Although it is the most demanded, there other professional profiles that are looking for in DIA storesin addition to cashiers and stockers:

  • Person to train in Fish Market – Alguazas (Murcia)
  • Fishmonger – Madrid capital
  • Butcher and delicatessen – Navalcarnero (Madrid)
  • Staff for butcher shop – Soria
  • Butcher assistant – Seville
  • Personnel for the Fresh and Fish section – Benavente (Zamora)
  • Butcher and delicatessen – Cuenca

It is also possible to find positions for your offices or logistics centers. These are some of the vacancies:

  • Intern for commercial support – Las Rozas (Madrid)
  • Service Buyer Intern – Las Rozas (Madrid)
  • Intern for Quality Department – Las Rozas (Madrid)
  • Order Pickers – Santiago
  • Administrative assistant – Illescas (Toledo)
  • Warehouse operator – Orihuela (Alicante)
  • Order picker – Getafe
  • Warehouseman – Illescas (Toledo)

For send the resume to DIAyou just have to access your Employment website. All vacancies are published on this platform, having to click on the desired job offer and then register by creating a personal account or with the Infojobs profile.

How much do you earn in DIA supermarkets?

The salary that is charged in DIA supermarkets varies depending on the position held within the company. According to your Collective agreement, salaries start at 1,100 euros, although it would be necessary to add possible salary supplements. Among them, the personal seniority supplement, the job position supplement, the night supplement (for example for warehouse operator positions), the special responsibility supplement, the negative cold cold storage chamber supplement or the quality and quantity of work supplement. .

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