Erdogan supports Putin and says that Ukraine exports grain only to rich countries

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogansaid today that he will try to agree with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, the export of cereals from Russia to poor countries, and denounced that the food that leaves Ukraine only reaches the rich.

Erdogan agreed with Putin regarding his recent accusation that cereals exported from Ukraine go to European countries, instead of the countries that need them most.

“Russia has not yet exported grain, but of course there is a point where Putin is right. These cereals that are exported (from Ukraine) unfortunately go to rich countries, not poor countries”, he stressed today in Croatia, where he is on an official visit as part of a tour of the Balkans.

“Our wish is that Russia begins to export cereals as soon as possible and that these cereals are delivered to poor countries,” he declared.

He stated that there has already been progress in contacts on this issue and that he will discuss it with Putin at his meeting with him in Uzbekistan on September 15-16.


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