Erdogan asks Putin to return the occupied territories in Ukraine

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has requested that Russia return the occupied territories in Ukraine as an essential step to achieve peace between the two nations. In an interview with the American channel PBS, the Turkish president has indicated that he believes that Vladimir Putin is willing to end the war “as soon as possible”.

“If peace is to be achieved in Ukraine, of course the return of the invaded land will be very important. This is what is expected. This is what is wanted. Putin has taken certain steps“, has assured Erdogan, who has also indicated that kyiv and Moscow “200 hostages will be exchanged by agreementwithout giving further details.

“In Uzbekistan I met with President Putin Y we had very long discussions. And he has shown me that he is willing to end this as soon as possible. That was my impression, because the way things are going right now is quite problematic,” he said.

Asked if Putin was wrong to invade Ukraine, Erdogan replied that “no leader would say after the fact that it was a mistake, that he was wrong.” Regarding the accusations against the Russian Army of having caused massacres during the invasion, Erdogan has pointed out that there have also been pro-Russian civilian casualties and that the United Nations should be the body that determines what happened: “We can’t take sides. And it wouldn’t be right for us to do that,” she stressed.

He wants to reach “a fair diplomatic solution”

During his speech at the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations, held in New York, Erdogan called for international support for Turkey’s efforts to reach “a fair diplomatic solution” that respect the “sovereignty” and “territorial integrity” of Ukraine.

The Turkish president has highlighted the role of Istanbul as facilitators of the reconciliation process between Russia and Ukraine, giving as an example the agreement to the export of Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea. He has pointed to this armed conflict as proof that the United Nations “will have to be more effective in the future”, although the opening of Ukrainian ports is “one of the greatest achievements of recent years”.

Erdogan has had a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president in recent hours in which they have addressed security problems in Ukraine, according to Volodímir Zelenski himself on his Twitter account.

Turkey maintains good relations with both Ukraine and Russia, and Erdogan justifies it by explaining that if an agreement is reached that ends the war, it must satisfy the parties involved. “We are not going to reach that conclusion (of the war) by taking sides. We are not going to defend a single leader. But, instead, we have to seek a conclusion that satisfies all the parties involved,” he has maintained.


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