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The MD6 is the new data center equinix and is located in the Madrid town of Alcobendas. This is the first phase of the multinational’s ambitious project to build a CPD network in the capital, which includes the creation of two xScale data centers together with the recently opened retail data center. A global initiative of 280 million dollars.

Designed and built entirely by the company, uses its own hyperscalar technology, as is the case with refrigeration systems. Instead of using technical flooring, the heat is concentrated through hot cube aisles, optimizing the encapsulation of all the heat. In practice, as recognized by the company, this innovation allows the new building to be 15% more efficient in terms of energy consumption than those data centers that have a traditional cooling design.

Likewise, with a residual water consumption and a PUE of 1.17, the installation has been ecologically designed so that the use of renewable energy is 100%, following the objective of the placement company to achieve a zero footprint by 2030, as explained Ignacio Velilla, Managing Director of Equinix in Spainduring the inauguration.

Ignacio Velilla, Managing Director of Equinix in Spain, during the inauguration of MD6.
Ignacio Velilla, Managing Director of Equinix in Spain, during the inauguration of MD6.

From a technical standpoint, the MD6 will augment Equinix’s capabilities with 600 new cabinets —physical data storage space— to respond to the digital needs of multi-sector clients. The facility has 6 technical rooms of 1,500 square meters and a power of 4.8 MW. At first, a room has been enabled and said capacity is offered, but the forecast is to reach 14.4 MW in this building and reach 30 MW throughout the campus (when the other two xScale DPCs are built).

MD6 will be interconnected with all Equinix data centers in the Iberian Peninsula, including the main submarine cable landing points in Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​as well as access to the rest of the European and world markets thanks to Equinix Fabric.

As for clients, there are still none confirmed, “but there is a queue to enter and by the end of this year we will be able to announce a great client”, he told Data Center Market Juan Romero, Director of Operations.

Spain and Madrid, benchmarks in data centers

During the opening ceremony, Ignacio Velilla underlined the potential of our country for the data center business. “Spain has to be a benchmark. Cloud and international companies are landing here and this attracts talent”. He explained that Spain is becoming a focus of investment with sectors as leading in our borders as pharmaceuticals, banking, construction or ICT. In a digital hub from Madrid to the world.

For its part, Judith Gardiner, Vice President, Growth and Emerging Markets at Equinix, has indicated: “At Equinix our ambition is to ensure that Spain’s digital infrastructure is at the level of the world’s leading markets and to provide local companies with stronger, more sustainable and better international connectivity for the success of their businesses. Thank you In our desire for expansion and continuous innovation, we are providing new capabilities to digital players that allow them to simplify operations, improve the customer experience and sustainably accelerate the launch of new products and services on a global scale”.

The Community of Madrid will create an office to promote data centers

The presentation was also attended by Alberto Pérez, director of Red Iris and Julio Mingo, Managing director at Accenture; Aitor Retolaza, Mayor of Alcobendas, and Carlos Izquierdo Torres, Counselor for Local Administration and Digitization in the Community of Madrid. The latter has revealed the intention of the Community of Madrid to create a push office to data centers. This initiative stems from a meeting with Spain DC in which greater collaboration between the Public Administration and private companies was demanded to encourage the data center industry in the region. The idea of ​​this office is to serve as a link between the different actors and throughout this year it will materialize.


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