ElPozo King hits the streets with TikToker Sergio Eleven

ElPozo King, the youngest and most rogue brand of El Pozo AlimentaciĆ³nhas launched its ‘For life lovers’ campaign on the streets, hand in hand with TikToker Sergio Eleven.

‘No Kiss, no life’ is the ‘street marketing’ action with which ElPozo King wants to bring the brand closer to ‘centenials’ and ‘millennials’ with the influencer Sergio Eleven, who has more than 3 million followers on Tik Tok and is known for his challenges.

Sergio Eleven, disguised as a product, will approach young people in the middle of the street and encourage them to interact with a minifuet in exchange for a kiss and get some snacks and merchandising from ElPozo King as a gift.

The challenge will give rise to unexpected situations that will become fun viral videos that will be released on the brand’s and influencer’s channels. Through this action, the brand revolutionizes the “product testing” marketing tooladapting to the new formats and the type of content that the youngest want to consume.

‘For life lovers’ is the ElPozo King campaign that ranges from the television spot to online actions on the brand’s social media profiles on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, in addition to Twitch and YouTube; at point of sale and in street marketing actions.


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