EA seeks to create a narrative universe for Battlefield | TECHNOLOGY

() has shared his future plans for his first-person shooter war franchise for which he has brought together the teams from DICE, Ripple Effect Studios, Industrial Toys and Ridgeline Games to create a connected universe.

The company is committed to “unlocking the potential” of a saga that turns 20 this Saturday, and is currently working on the evolution of Battlefield 2042 after the launch of its second season.

“Battlefield has been a staple of this industry, and as the industry changes, we look to expand the series into something even more extraordinary by embracing a global mindset and vision from our leadership team,” said Battlefield CEO, Byron Beede, on the official blog.

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This leadership team includes DICE, the studio in charge of developing the multiplayer experience, and Ripple Effect, which is working on an “entirely new experience that will complement and build on the foundation of the series.”

He is also part of the Ridgeline Games team, the new studio from Marcus Lehto, co-creator of Halo, which will develop a new narrative campaign “that will engage fans in new and exciting ways while staying true to the classic elements of the series.” And Industrial Toys.

All efforts are directed at building “a connected Battlefield universe”, as Beede has pointed out, a company in which the creative director, Lars Gustavsson, will no longer be.


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