Dynamic Island available for Android, it had to happen and it has done it on a Xiaomi mobile | Technology

If there is something that stands out in terms of the design line and software integration of the new iPhone 14 Pro family, it is what they have called Dynamic Island, or what has been the use of the front camera area and on-screen sensors to display information about the contents.

We already saw in the presentation far-out how to use the new Dynamic Island functionality on the iPhone Pro models and how it took advantage of that pill-shaped area at the top of the screen.

Apple had opened the implementation of functions to developers and at the moment it can already be seen what we are playing, call or recording time and even the result of the match you are following.

It has been a matter of days before we see how a similar functionality has been created for Android. In particular, developer Vaibhav Jain has sent to Xiaomi a theme for MIUI with that same function.

As we can see in the developer’s tweet, the function is aesthetically very similar and allows us to leave multimedia playback information or received messages in a small balloon that, when pressed, expands and gives us more information.

This topic is currently in the validation phase by Xiaomi and It’s called Grumpy UI.. It intends to follow the same principle of hiding the front camera that the new iPhone 14 Pro.

If the Chinese company approves the item, will be available for any Xiaomi from MIUI Themes store.

Being a theme developed for this platform and MIUI It will make exclusive use of Xiaomi APIs so it cannot be used directly on other mobiles.

However, it will be a matter of time before we see the arrival of different versions and approaches to the same system and that they can be used on any Android, although would not be the first to integrate these types of notifications.

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