Does sugar have to have an expiration date?

Many of the products What can we find in it Supermarket They have printed the Date of Expiry wave best before date. Before buying, you have to look at what that date is and plan well if we will consume that product in the next few days to prevent expire or to throw to lose.

Instead, there are other products that there’s no need that have any of these dates marked on their packaging. As indicated by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), based on what is established by European Directive 2000/13/EC and Royal Decree 1334/1999, these are: “unprocessed fresh fruit and vegetables, beverages alcoholic beverages (such as wine), bakery products for immediate consumption, kitchen salt, vinegar, sweets, chewing gum and sugar”.

Why don’t sugar packets have an expiration date?

Let’s focus on this last product. The sugar does not have an expiration date does not expire.

His composition prevents the formation of bacteria that they can to damage. But although it can be a long time in good conditions, it is advisable to have it well saved. That is, inside a closed container hermetically to isolate the product humidityof heat and of possible insects. Or leave the package of unopened sugar, making sure there is no fissure.

What is the difference between expiration date and preferred consumption date?

Many of us think that all the dates that are printed on the products are the expiration date when in fact this is not the case. In addition to this, there is the preferred consumption date, which entails a series of differences.

The first is your definition. The best-before date refers to what day we can take that product with all its qualities. That is, if we consume it beyond what is indicated, it will not be like the first day, but it won’t be bad for our health, “forever that the instructions of conservation and its packaging is not damaged”, clarifies the AESAN.

Rice, pasta, refrigerated foods or chocolate have a best before date. A tip very important is that if you want to consume a product beyond the date of consumption, check that it is in good condition (yes smells good and has good taste) prior to throw it away.

For its part, the expiration date indicates how long it is sure consume it. According to the AESAN, they carry “very perishable foods, such as fresh fish, fresh minced meat, etc.” That is why the Food Safety Agency warns that “no food should be consumed past the expiration date”. If you opt for to freeze the product before it expires, you have to read Carefully follow the instructions on the package, as well as the instructions for keeping it in the refrigerator.

How can I differentiate between the best before date and the expiration date?

If the date is the preferred consumption date, you will see that the packaging says ‘Best before…’ or ‘Best before the end of…’ and the day either month.

In the second case, you will be able to read ‘Expiration date…’ and the date.


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