Disney plans to integrate its streaming services under the same app

Bob Chapek, CEO of Disneyhas made it clear that the American company could group all its contents of streaming under Disney Plus and you could also link this service with your theme park business.

It is something that more or less it was already commented at the beginning of september internally. A subscription service known internally as Disney Prime that will combine Disney Plus with discounts on Disney-branded merchandise and theme parks.

Now, this makes even more sense after some statements by Chapek that he collects The Wall Street Journalin which the CEO of the company explains that “there is a bit of friction between consumers” who want to switch between Disney Plus content and Hulu or ESPN+ content.

Right now, US viewers must switch between different apps to watch content on each service. Put the 3 services under the same umbrella in a single app would reduce that friction, explains a Disney executive.

The company has already experimented with this type of model in Europe, where the Star brand, which includes a lot of Hulu content, is already part of Disney Plus.

Mind you, to integrate Hulu into an all-in-one app, Disney must assume intellectual property of the servicewhich is now jointly owned by Comcast’s NBCUniversal.

Under a 2019 agreement, Disney had the right to force a sale of Comcast’s stake at fair market value, beginning in 2024, with a minimum valuation of $27.5 billion for the entire service. Comcast can sue Disney buy your share.

Currently other media companies are simplifying their offerings. Warner Bros Discovery, for example, has announced that it will combine Discovery+ with HBO Max; Paramount is considering shutting down Showtime and merging its content with Paramount Plus.

“I think we would have to have full ownership of Hulu to integrate it into Disney Plus,” reveals Chapek. “We would love to reach the end point sooner“.

Chapek also makes it clear that he wants to further unify his business and create a bundled subscription package with your theme parks.

The idea is that what people do in the parks, will influence what is presented to them on Disney Plus and the company may provide visitors with information that influences their experience based on what they watch on Disney Plus.

Under the plan, Disney Plus will become “a platform for consumer engagement, for the entire Walt Disney Company, rather than just a streaming video service,” Chapek said.

“You add things like the membership platform, you have to step back and look at this because Disney is a lifestyle, it’s a lifestyle brand,” he says. “And it’s not just a bunch of small businesses together that create a de facto lifestyle, but we have to accept that,” she says.

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