Discord adds a new option to organize conversations and create thematic spaces | TECHNOLOGY

has started the deployment of Forum Channels, a new functionality that will allow creating dedicated spaces for each topic and having better organized conversations.

The platform has confirmed in its blog the deployment of these channels among its entire user base. It is a tool aimed at conversations on specific topics, not improvised dialogues.

The specialized portal TechCrunch has recalled that the platform announced this feature last February. Since then, Discord has tested it with a limited group of their communities.

Promotional image of the new feature of Discord, 'Channel forums'.  (Photo: Discord)
Promotional image of the new feature of Discord, ‘Channel forums’. (Photo: Discord) / DISCORD.

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Now, the owner of a community server can choose to create as many channels as needed based on the needs identified in their users. Discord will allow you to implement recommended permissions such as who can participate or what topics they should address.

The platform also offers them the possibility of creating their own labels or delegating this task to users, in addition to setting a default reaction to a publication in the form of emoji.

For its part, users who participate in one of these channels will see before them a list of thematic posts that they can join. They also have the option to search for a specific topic among the platform’s archives.

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Discord has stressed that those users who create a publication within one of these channels must review and respect their previously established rules, in addition to including tags (labels) on the issue to be addressed.

Finally, the platform has ensured that the AutoMod functionality is compatible with Forum Channel conversations. Discord introduced this automatic moderation tool last June as a way to review messages and remove harmful content without user intervention.


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