Diego punished his daughter Alessia when he saw her having drinks

Alessia (Karime Scander) was outraged to learn how Diego (Giovanni Ciccia) he treated her from one moment to the next because he saw her drunk. Cristóbal was present and, although he tried to defend his sister, the chef only managed to belittle his daughter.

Alessia indicated that she is already of legal age and that she can drink what she wants. However, Diego reiterated that an adult is when he works and fends for himself in his own home. Those words hurt the girl, because she resented her father’s treatment of her.

Diego didn’t mince his words, nor did he understand why Alessia had taken too much. During all this time, the blonde kept her love for gastronomy a secret, while Cristóbal, who is Diego’s cocky one, leads a life of deception by appearances.

After five years, There is room in the background returns to the screens of América Televisión in a new season. This series is starred by two families from different social classes, the Gonzales, the Maldini and the Montalbanwho will present funny occurrences and unique stories for their viewers.

In addition, new characters such as Giovanni Ciccia, Karime Scander, Jorge Guerra, Guadalupe Farfán, Franco Pennano, among others, appear to stir up the neighborhood “Las Nuevas Lomas” where all kinds of situations occur. Don’t miss the ninth season of the television series from Monday to Friday at 8:30 at night. You’ll be surprised!


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