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In the program the Sandra Hernández, accused to minimize her work by selling a dress that she designed and made for 150 hours for only two soles.

“I was outraged at every moment. I said ‘okay, I’m going to buy it’. But I haven’t told them how much it sold for. I’m going to show you the screenshot here, I was two soles away, two soles away, even here I still have the piece of paper, which was two soles away, that is, die, 150 hours invested in that work”, he said initially.

According to the designer, the model asked her to make a dress for her in a week and to lend her a bag that, in the end, she took a long time to return.

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What’s wrong? How are you going to do that, look, Ivana Yturbe asked for a dress for which they later had to look for her to get paid, but that took weeks (…) as the designer showed, she had to pay for it, do you know what she did? the little inca princess to make fun of the designer and humiliate her? She auctioned off the dress to two Lucas to make fun of her”is heard to say Rodrigo Gonzalez before this new accusation.

“She asks me to make the dress in a week, it was almost impossible, because she wanted a lot of shine (…) she paid me for the dress”, in addition, she asked for boots and a bag that also took a long time to return ”, said. Meanwhile, these were some of Yturbe’s responses in the designer’s chats: “Aj, don’t hate me, I’m being a mother of two, now I just send you”.

The fashion professional was outraged and sorry for what happened. “Why do that? It was for another purpose, he wanted to make me feel bad and he succeeded.


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