Decathlon’s waterproof, fleece-lined wellies for outdoor fun in fall

With the arrival of fall many people are the ones who begin to take their equipment from outdoor sport to make excursions on the nature. And it is that when temperatures drop it is much more attractive enjoy the mountain anywhere. For it, decathlon has in his Catalogue a wide range of offers of the best garments and footwear for do exercise outside in complete safety. Especially if we plan to do this activity even when it’s raining or windy and we don’t want to get wet or very cold.

Specifically, these Decathlon Katiuskas Solognac wellies a reduced price They are made with special materials designed especially for outings to nature with rain and cold. So it is an ideal sports product for sports lovers. hiking of mountain walks.

So if you want to have a safe and waterproof footwear For these cold months, it is best that you continue reading this article. In which we are going to tell you everything you want to know about these water boots that sells decathlon for less than 15 euros.

Decathlon women’s wellies are perfect for discovering nature on foot

The first thing we should ask of a water boots that are going to be used in the nature, is that they are waterproof enough so that the foot never comes into contact with moisture. For this, the expert manufacturers of the products of decathlon have included in this product a removable fleece bootie. So thanks to this warm fleece, it is possible to be outside for 40 minutes with a limit temperature of use down to -21°C.

Decathlon wellies
Decathlon wellies

These are waterproof and very light. And they are specifically designed for women who practice all kinds of outdoor activities and leisure in cold weather. Since with them you can walk through the forest, fish, walk paths, meadows or gardens without getting your feet wet. In addition, they are flexible and very practical.

On the other hand, these Decathlon women’s wellies They wash with soap and water (inside and out) very easily. In addition, they also dry quickly. Thanks to the mid-cut, the boot-pulling tabs and the grooves to put them on easily, with this model you can put on and take off your shoes in a few seconds. Besides, the outsole with non-slip studs reduces the risk of slipping on wet floors.

Now they have a 25% discount

the best of these Decathlon rain boots is that they are totally hermetic and permeable. So you won’t have any problem crossing puddles, walking in the garden, hunting with an adult or going through the snow, always with your feet dry and warm.

Decathlon wellies
Non-slip sole wellies Decathlon

In addition, now you can find these women’s wellies on sale with a 25% discount on the website. So right now they have a very cheap price of 14.99 euros that it is worth paying to have safe and permeable footwear at home for nature getaways.

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