David Beckham, on the verge of tears, fires Elizabeth II after 12 hours in line

  • David Beckham queues for 12 hours to bid farewell to his queen, Elizabeth II

  • The British sir has been visibly moved in the burning chapel

The death of Elizabeth II has greatly affected the British people. The longest-serving monarch in the history of European monarchies has left a great void in the hearts of thousands of people who today continue to queue to say goodbye to her after her death. While her mortal remains wait to be buried, kilometric queues of faithful and curious queue at the doors of Westminster Hall, where the burning chapel. david beckham, who maintained a close relationship with the late monarch and was awarded a Knight of the British Empire, did not want to miss the opportunity to say goodbye to his queen. The sir has been seen visibly affected and on the verge of tears inside the British Parliament, which he has agreed to after more than 12 hours of waiting.

Given his position, David Beckham might have been spared the wait. However, the former soccer player has preferred to put aside his privileges and walk, as one more, together with the rest of British and foreign citizens who have wanted to say their last goodbye to Elizabeth II. The wait has been long and tedious, however David has not lost his sense of humor or his smile, despite his tiredness.

David Beckham, queuing to say goodbye to his queen

David Beckham, queuing to say goodbye to his queenCord Press

Asked by a BBC reporter, the British gentleman has confessed to having quite “back and foot pain“, although both for him and for all those present, the inconvenience is worth it for a moment like this. From 2 in the morning, a time when he expected things to be “calmer”, until around 3:30 in the late and after touring 8 kilometers away. All for just a few minutes in front of the coffin. “The former Manchester United striker finally reached the Queen’s coffin at around 3.30pm after queuing for 13 hours, taking only seconds to bow his head before moving on to make way for the people behind him. , affirm from the British newspaper Daily Mail.

“We are all here to celebrate the incredible life of our queen and I think this experience is meant to be shared with all“, he commented for the BBC in the final stretch of the row while talking about his experience, where he has had time to chat with his fellow rowers, take photos with the followers who have recognized him and share snacks, such as chips, sandwiches, coffee or donuts.

Once inside Westminster Hall, the imposing room with more than nine centuries of history in the British parliament in which the coffin of Elizabeth II is kept vigil 24 hours a day, David Beckham has shown visibly excited. The British could not help but hold back tears, while he honored and remembered his beloved queen.

This gesture of the athlete has been greatly applauded, who has shown with his nobility and humility to be the personification of the true English gentleman.


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