Corporate travel: uncertainty drives the figure of the travel manager

After the COVID-19 pandemic, which had a very negative impact on business travel, new adversities have appeared, such as the current inflationary scenario, caused by socioeconomic imbalances and geopolitical imbalances. A context in which the figure of the travel manageraccording to the consulting firm BrainTrust.

The consultant considers that it is necessary to build a stronger and more resilient industryin which the role of travel manager it will be critical. It will elevate its role to a more strategic and important level in companies, with three key tasks:

  • Ensuring the safety, productivity and comfort of travelers
  • Ensure the essentiality, efficiency and profitability of travel for the business of their companies
  • Protect the environment, committing to the sustainability of the planet

In a market in gradual recovery after the pandemic, a transformation of the business tripwhose future will be marked by the sustainability and the digitizationaccording to Braintrust.

The recovery of business travel advances after the health crisis.

“The new mission of business travel is to be the essential communication tool to relate and do business between companies, with criteria of efficiency, safety, sustainability and cost effectiveness for all parties,” he says. Angel Garcia ButraguenoDirector of Tourism said consultancy.

The business travel space remains a fragmented ecosystem, where processes need more integration. In this context, brain trust and the Spanish Association of Business Travel Managers (AEGVE) have sealed a strategic alliance, in order to optimize and professionalize the management of corporate mobility in Spanish companies.

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