Controversy on the French left over the slap of a deputy to his wife

The acknowledgment by Adrien Quatennens, one of the best-known deputies of the leftist France Insumisa (LFI), that he slapped his wife whom he is divorcinghas provoked a controversy among leaders of the left on the need to withdraw from public activity.

The deputy has announced that deject your role as LFI coordinator to protect the movement and its militants.

LFI MEP Manon Aubry asked this Monday at the station France Info that Justice open an investigation about the case of what has been LFI’s “number two” so far.

Environmentalist MP Sandrine Rousseau, (LFI is associated with her party in the left-wing coalition NUPES) demanded that Quatennens withdraw from all political activity and also demanded that his training sanction him.

Mélenchon defends the aggressor

A claim that contrasts with the position of the “number one” of LFI, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who in his first public statement on the matter charged against the police, the media and social networks that leaked the facts, while celebrating the “dignity” and “value” of Quatennens, to whom he expressed his “trust” and his “affection”.

Mélenchon partially corrected the shot later, after being criticized for those words. He pointed out that his “affection for him does not mean that he is indifferent towards Céline” and that “a slap is unacceptable in all cases.”


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