controversy in Italy over the video of a Salvini councilor with a gypsy woman

Alessio Di Giulio member of the League in Florencehas published a video in which takes advantage of a gypsy woman to launch racist proclamations. Subsequently, she has deleted it due to the controversy generated.

Notably Italy has elections on September 25 and Salvini’s allies, the Fratelli d’Italia party headed by far-right Giorgia Melonileads the polls.

In the video recorded by Giulio, the councilor walks down the street and approaches the woman, who appears smiling. The mayor suddenly makes a promise to all his followers: “On September 25, the League votes to never see her again, to never see her again”. She replies good-naturedly, “No, don’t say that.” Later, she adds, “I’m not afraid.”

Di Giulio says “it was a joke”

The author of the video has withdrawn the images after receiving an avalanche of criticism, but has never apologized. Also, has attacked those who have been outraged by his attitude and he has defended that he is not racist because his girlfriend “is Nigerian”.


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