Continental shows its entire range of tires in the “Continental Universe”

mainland, a company specializing in technology and a tire manufacturer, inaugurated its “Continental Universe” on September 20 at the Jarama RACE Circuit in Madrid. From today until September 26, all participants will be able to meet and learn about its entire range of tires, from passenger cars to special vehicles, including trucks and motorcycles. The German brand has also announced its intention to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the sector in terms of social responsability and environmental.

“Continental Universe” shows all the participants each of the worlds that make up the company’s universe in a practical and experiential way. In this way, it is contemplated that different dynamic tests be carried out on the circuit, driving electric vehicles, master class with the brand’s experts, high-speed driving simulators, material handling and much more.

First event at European level after the pandemic

Jon Ander García, general director of Continental Tires Spain, has been in charge of opening the event before more than a hundred people. In welcoming him, he highlighted that “This is the first major event that we are carrying out at a European level since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and we have the chance and the pleasure of presenting it here in Madrid. Without a doubt, this is an event of great magnitude where we will be joined by guests from all over Spain, to learn more about the importance of tires and how Continental is a pioneering company in technology. Our objective is to demonstrate how Continental can help all its users to solve their daily problems through efficient solutions that improve safety with innovation and being sustainable”.

Regarding this last section of the sustainability, García pointed out that Continental’s ambition is to become the most advanced company in the sector in terms of social and corporate responsibility. Purpose that comes from afar, as García has recalled, since they were “the first to launch an ecological tire”. Specifically, the ContiEcoContact in 1991.

Need to achieve zero carbon emissions

The CEO of Continental has also stressed the necessary involvement of tire manufacturers to promote the circular economy and zero carbon emissions. “We have the responsibility to close the circle”, stated García, who also holds the presidency of SIGNUS (Integrated Used Tire Management System), whose function is precisely to give a new use to the materials from which tires are made “so they don’t end up in landfills”, in his own words.

The Jarama Circuit will spend the next few days more than eight hundred guests who will live first-hand the experience of testing the technological and safety capabilities of the German company’s tires. “Continental’s biggest challenge is to enjoy the road through safe and sustainable driving in all areas. That is why the “Continental Universe” demonstrates the technological capacity of our company, with which we aspire to achieve all the challenges we set for ourselves.”, adds Jon Ander García.

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