Continental at the Jarama Circuit: September 20 to 26

Mainland Universe

This “Continental Universe” shows the participants the “Worlds” that make up the Universe of the German company technology and tire specialist in a practical and experiential way. In this way, it is contemplated that different dynamic tests are carried out on the circuit, electric vehicle driving, masterclasses with the brand’s experts, high-speed driving simulators, material handling and much more.

In the words of Jon Anderson Garciageneral director of Continental Tires Spain, who has been in charge of opening the event before more than a hundred people: “This is the first major event that we are carrying out at a European level since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and we have the opportunity and the pleasure of presenting it here at Madrid. Without a doubt, this is an event of great magnitude where guests from all over Spain will join us to learn more about the importance of tires and how Continental is a technology pioneer company. Our objective is to demonstrate how Continental can help all its users to solve their daily problems through efficient solutions that improve safety with innovation and sustainability.”.

The day will begin divided into several groups of people who will go into each of the worlds of the “Continental Universe”. In the tests that are going to be carried out, highlights the twisty circuit with cones where the most emblematic tires of the company will be put to the test in starting, braking, slalom or curves, as well as a driving experience on the track with combustion vehicles and electric vehicles. On the other hand, there will be a high speed motorcycle simulator where participants will be able to demonstrate their driving skills in a safe environment, tires will be displayed ContiRoadAttack 4 recently launched in this segment.

through the circuit of Jarama More than eight hundred guests will spend the next few days to experience first-hand the technological and safety capabilities of the German company’s tires. “Continental’s biggest challenge is to enjoy the road through safe and sustainable driving in all areas. That is why the “Continental Universe” demonstrates the technological capacity of our company, with which we aspire to achieve all the challenges we set for ourselves.”, adds Jon Ander García.


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