Coldplay arrived in Lima: Chris Martin knelt down from the plane and thanked after his arrival in Peru | celebrity | rmmn | SHOWS

the british group He is already in Peru a few hours before starting the first of his two shows at the National Stadium in Lima. Upon his arrival, Chris Martin had a remarkable gesture that will remain marked in the retina of his fans and that is that he knelt as soon as he stepped on Peruvian soil.

The vocalist and leader of the group slowly descended from the stairs of the plane that took him to the Jorge Chávez International Airport and after taking his first step he knelt down, took off his hat and looked at the sky as a sign of gratitude.

After a few seconds, Chris Martin got up from the ground and went to the vehicle that took him to his hotel, where they will stay while waiting for their first concert on September 13 at the National Stadium in Lima.

The group led by Chris Martin will perform live at the National Stadium in Lima this Tuesday, September 13 and Wednesday, September 14 and, despite the increase in capacity and the release of tickets, the sold out is a fact on both dates.

After almost six years, Coldplay returns to our country as part of his “Music of the Spheres” tour that also travels to other Latin American countries. The show will have as opening act the Cuban-American singer Camila Hair, known for singles like “Señorita” and “Havana”; as well as the Peruvian artist Andrew Martinez.


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