China supports efforts to achieve ceasefire in Ukraine

“All efforts leading to a peaceful resolution to this crisis must be supported,” the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded tersely, Wang Wenbinbefore a question about the mobilization announced by Putin.

The spokesman assured that China’s position on the conflict “has always been clear and has not changed”, and that it involves “respecting the territorial integrity of all countries”, including Ukraine and, at the same time, paying attention to the “legitimate concerns of all countries”, referring to Russia.

Likewise, Beijing has repeatedly declared its opposition to sanctions against Moscow for “having no basis in international law” and “not solving the problems”.

Vladimir Putin and its Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinpingmet last Thursday at the uzbek city of samarkand on the eve of the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) led by China and Russia, where they endorsed their “friendship”.


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