Charles III is officially proclaimed King of Australia and New Zealand

In Canberra, Australia, the Governor General, David Hurleyrepresentative of the British monarchy in the oceanic country, praised in a speech the figure of the “pleasant and glorious” Queen Isabel II and wished the new head of state of the United Kingdomwho will bear the name of Charles IIIa reign “long and happy”.

“Her Majesty (Elizabeth II) was the only reigning monarch to visit Australia and it was clear from her first trip that she had a special place in our hearts.”Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said in a statement, indicating that the country will celebrate a day of national mourning on September 22.

In addition to government representatives, the ceremony in the Australian capital was also attended by representatives of the aboriginal minority who performed songs and the fire ritual in honor of the new monarch.

“It’s not time to talk yet” of Republic in Australia. This is what the prime minister of Australia thinks, for now, who, before coming to power in May, expressed his desire that the country cease to be a constitutional monarchy.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanesehas highlighted: “Well, my views on that, of course, are well known and well documented. But now is not the time to talk about our system of government. Now is the time to pay tribute to the life of Queen Elizabeth, a life well lived. Today we will, of course, be commemorating the King’s Proclamation Charles III as Australian Head of State. That is the system of government that we have. It’s something that as Australian Prime Minister I have to respect.”

Charles III was also officially proclaimed king of New Zealand in an act in Wellington. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has paid tribute to the legacy of Isabel II and has recalled the “deep affection” that Carlos III has shown with the country during his visits.

And just as one chapter closes, another begins. Ardern remarked in a ceremony that took place in English and in the Maori language.

The acts in these oceanic countries follow the similar ceremony held yesterday in the United Kingdomfor the ascension to the throne of Charles III after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 96 and whose reign lasted 70 years.

In addition to these two nations, Charles III he will also be proclaimed head of state in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu, in the Pacific region.


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