Charles III and the memory of Lord Mountbatten

Visits to Northern Ireland have always had an important emotional charge for the new King Charles III, beyond the eternal political tensions typical of the divided island, revived after the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Charles III visits Belfast for the first time as king, on his tour to introduce himself to the British people as the new monarch, and all analysts stress the importance of maintaining social and political peace in Northern Ireland, whose balance Brexit has jeopardized.

But for Carlos III, the importance of the green island goes beyond politics. In Ireland in August 1979, the IRA killed his former mentor and ‘honorary grandfather’, Lord Mountbatten, ‘Dickie’ to the royal family. A key figure to understand what happened in the corridors of Buckingham or Balmoral during the first years of the reign of Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles visits the site where the IRA murdered his great-uncle

Advisor to Elizabeth II, last Viceroy of India

Louis Mountbatten was the great-grandson of Queen Victoria and the sexual uncle of Philip of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth. According to official biographies, he was in charge of his nephew meeting the young princess and entering her circle, back in the summer of 1939and already married he acted as a counselor on more than one occasion.

admiral of the Royal Navyparticipated in World War II and held positions in various institutions, until he was commissioned to rule India as the last British viceroy, before the country achieved independence in 1947.

In parallel, both he and his wife, Lady Edwina, starred in a hectic marriage full of infidelities, some so notorious that they even escaped the strict censorship of the time. She was considered a dissolute lady, with Lord Mountbatten not so much blood was made, although the dalliances included both sexes, without distinction.

Mentor of Prince Charles

Despite everything, ‘Dickie’ was always close to the royal family, to the point of becoming a life and behavior guide for the then Prince of Wales, who always had him in mind in his decisions.

Lord Mountbatten, already in the mid-seventies, maneuvered for the heir to marry one of his granddaughters, Amandato further strengthen the ties between both branches of the Victorian family.

We will never know what could have happened if the GONNA he would not have put a bomb on the boat with which he went fishing on the morning of August 27, 1979. A few years ago, Sinn Féin, the political arm of the terrorist group when the attack occurred, said “sorry for that death.” Today, the Irish Republicans are the most voted option in the old Ulster and after decades without bombs or ambushes, the possibility of a referendum to unify the island gains ground and becomes a new challenge on the British horizon.

The situation has changed a lot since the murder of Lord Mountbatten and three others off the Sligo coast, mainly because there is no more violence, but surely Charles III has not forgotten that loss, which caused a terrible shock and great pain in the entire British royal family.


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