Carriers sound the alarm at the brake on their economic activity

The activity of freight transport by road slowed ‘worryingly’ in Q2 of the year in Spain, with falls of 2.6% in the international compared to the same period of 2021 and the 4.3% in the national short distancehe warned this Thursday Fenadismer. Instead, in the national long distance there was a growth of 7.2%according to the results of the Observatory of costs, prices and activity of freight transport by road made public this Thursday by the Ministry of Transport and collected by the Fenadismer employers in a statement.

Regarding operating costs of the road freight transport activity, there is a new increase, as happened in previous quarters, mainly due to the “brutal” rise in the price of diesel, of almost 60% in the last year. Thus, the unit cost per kilometer traveled for an articulated general cargo vehicle is established in 1.36 euros per kilometer and 1.60 euros per loaded kilometerhaving produced an average increase in costs compared to the same quarter of 2021 of 21.2%.

The fuel item has gained more weight in the cost structure, as it represents the 39.3% of the total for an articulated general cargo vehicle, surpassing the personnel and per diem item, which represents 28.2%. In fact, diesel has been the cause of 80.1% of the increase in costs of exploitation of the transport of goods by road, which reach 163,642 euros for an articulated general cargo vehicle. Regarding the prices received by transport companies, in the second quarter of 2022 there was an increase of 13.9%.

The 9.8% increase in transport between 100 and 200 kilometers stands out, 19.5% for long distances between 200 and 300 km, and 13.4% for distances greater than the latter. Nevertheless, These increases are less than the costsso “the gap between the costs borne by carriers and the prices they receive continues to widen,” Fenadismer lamented.


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