Carlos III’s new complaint about the pen with which he signed a document: “I can’t stand this”

King Carlos III has again shown problems when using a pen to place his signature. “I can’t stand this,” the new king of England complained at a signing ceremony at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, realizing that his fountain pen was faulty and leaking ink, as can be seen in a video broadcast by CBS News.

“Are we on September 12?”, he asked, to which they replied: “13, sir”. “I have placed the wrong date,” lamented the king. In attempting to correct his mistake, he has expressed frustration at apparent glitches with the ink in his pen, which has stained his hands.

Stunned, Carlos III got up from his seat, while maintaining his complaint, to give way to the queen consort, Camila. “I can’t stand this damn thing, the same thing always happens”, he has reiterated, leaving the place, cleaning his hands. He has handed the pen to Camila, who has then handed it to one of her companions.

This is not the first time that Carlos III has had problems with a pen. The last days in which he has placed his signature on different documents, images have circulated on social networks that show his discomfort at the time of fulfilling this function.

At the ceremony of his proclamation, Carlos III was upset when he signed the historic documentation. His first complaints came when he asked that a tray of pens be removed from the desk where he was, according to the Daily Mail. Making gestures with his hands and with expressions of anger, the new monarch asked that the instruments that prevented him from being comfortably located to sign the large sheets be removed.

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