“Carlos III will have to fulfill what he says, and not just pontificate”

how will he reign Charles III?. It is the big question that many Britons are asking themselves in recent days. Will you introduce any reform in the British Royal House? Will she follow in the footsteps of her mother? late queen elizabeth ii? Will he be tempted to try to intervene in politics as he has done in the past? Experts do not predict a revolution in the British monarchy, and even less with a monarch as attached to traditions as Carlos III. However, as explained to LA RAZÓN Judith Rowbotham, Professor of Constitutional Law at Plymouth University Law School, the new head of state faces major challenges.

Could Carlos III transform the institution and its impact on British society?

The new king has already indicated that he intends to work to update the institution of the monarchy, to ensure that – in the future of his reign – it is “fit for purpose”, both for its appearance and its value. in the eyes of his people. His mother said in 1992 that it was good for both people and institutions to receive criticism, and that was a message that he has taken on. It is evident that he is aware, as he indicated in his first speech as king, on the night of September 9, that it is not enough to adopt a rhetoric of service. The has to do what he says, and not just pontificate.


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