Carlos III, the ascension to the throne of the eternal heir to the British crown, at the age of 73

Eternal Prince of Wales, Charles III, is the monarch who has waited the longest to reach the throne of England, at 73 years old.

He received the title of Prince of Wales at age 10 and was crowned as such eleven years later at Caernarfo Castle.

His childhood was marked by his mother’s accession to the throne when he was only four years old. Circumstance that made him feel somewhat abandoned. He was the first heir to attend a school, instead of having tutors in the palace. His adolescence in the Scottish boarding school of Gordonstoun was a stage of his life that he remembers with bitterness.

He will study at Cambridge University and also receive military training in the Royal Navy, following the example of his father, Prince Philip. He also obtains a helicopter pilot’s diploma.

A youth of formation, loves and love affairs.

His 1981 wedding to Diana Spencer was followed by 750 million viewers.

A wedding that seemed like a fairy tale but that culminated in infidelities, divorce and tragedy with the death of the princess in a traffic accident in Paris, when they were already divorced.

The heir then turns to the education of his two children and marries his eternal lover, Camilla Parker Bowles who now, and by express wish of Elizabeth II, can be queen consort

An expert polo player, in his youth, Carlos will now have to grapple with the reins of power and keep his balance not only in the face of challenges and changes in the United Kingdom but also in the countries where the British monarch is still Head of State. State such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Defender of the environment, he created in a company of biological products when few trusted this agriculture.

His positions on some issues have earned him criticism for bordering on political interference. Now, with 56% favorable opinions, he will have to lead the country carefully.


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