Carlos III loses his ways again: “Oh, God, I hate this!”

What of Charles III of England clearly not the feathers. Only three days after his gesture of disdain towards one of his subjects, by rudely demanding that he remove from a table the inkwell in which the monarch was dipping the pen with which he was going to sign his proclamation as king, earned him a barrage of criticism in the media and social networks, has returned to star in another embarrassing moment with one of those “damn” devices full of ink.

In its visit to Hillsborough everything was going well until, during a book signing ceremony, Carlos III complained about the fountain pen he was using. “Oh God, I hate this.” “I can’t stand this damn thing! What they do every damn time”he exclaimed before his royal assistants who, quickly and visibly concerned, came to the aid of their king.

ink stained and, after having given the maddening pen to his wife, the king of England left the room visibly angry and nervous, frustrated and giving obvious signs that patience may not be one of his greatest virtues.

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