Carlos III fires 100 employees from his cabinet in full mourning for the queen

  • While the world wonders what will change with the reign of Carlos III, his employees already know his main change: dismissal

  • Among the dismissals, that of the Lord Chamberlain, at the service of Elizabeth II during the 70 years of her reign

  • All positions of public relevance have a cabinet made up of people they trust who can change freely

Every great event has inside its guts less great events. The news of the century (for now) may be the death of the Queen of England, a historical event that affects world geopolitics. the world wonders what will change with access to the throne of Carlos III. However, on a small scale, 100 nearby workers to the new monarch, what is called the cabinet in corporate terms, they already know their fate: the street. Have been fired for the one who until a few days ago was his boss, the Prince of Wales, today King.

Usual at each change

The cessation of any cabinet is consubstantial to each change of monarch and government. Even the CEOs of large companies have the possibility to change from that environment of trust that helps them manage their agenda and also protects them. It’s something like the praetorian guardloyal, helpful and in the background, which facilitates the day to day of rulers, politicians, senior managers and tycoons.

The difference in this case is the way in which this ‘point and end’, a sign that Carlos III has desire and hurry to show their powers.

A king dead, king and cabinet set

Sir Clive Anderson He has been Carlos’s main valet for seven years. Anderton has been in charge of notifying practically all the employees of Clarence House, the residence that Patrimony assigns to the Prince of Wales and his family, by letter that the departments of the house “will cease their activity”, and that the associated jobs to these departments “will no longer be necessary”. The letter, according to Guardianwas written as soon as the queen died and received on Monday during the mass in honor of Elizabeth II in Scotland, the first of the funeral acts.

The warning has been received by practically all the workers of Clarence House: 31 in the office of personal secretaries; 12 in the communication Department; 30 among those responsible for finance Y 28 between the domestic employees (four cooks, three costumers, three valets and two butlers). Clive Alderton has not suffered the same fate, since since last Friday he has been working officially for Charles III.

First public relations crisis

The content of the royal letter has clouded the duel. All the English media have echoed the news, highlighting that the communication of this change occurred precisely when the workers were working piecework in the most important event they can face.

Alderton, secretary to the king, continues to insist that the services are no longer required and that only the staff he has given will be kept. “direct and close personal advice and support” the king and queen consort. But the impact has been of such magnitude that the real environment has already considered search “urgently” new locations for laid-off employees. This is the first public relations crisis of the new monarch, preceded by a series of unfortunate gestures that have perplexed public opinion. Is it proper for a king or any leader to show his teeth aggressively to give an indication?

The new Princes of Wales also choose

The fact is that the royal ranking changes. The current ones princes of wales, Guillermo and Catalina now also need a broader structure. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge they had a relatively small cabinet; something that will necessarily change when they are heirs to the throne. Among those who will make up their environment, they will choose people you trustwhich necessarily entails layoffs and relocations.

It’s not the only change. the marquis David Cholmondeley, the man who had been guarding the queen’s crown for more than 30 years in the most solemn acts, will no longer carry royal symbols. After 70 years and three generations of family service he has been released.

Accessing the position of royal chamberlain is an honor that falls to few families. It is chosen by the king or queen and is hereditary. In this case, the Marquis is a personal friend of the Prince Guillermo Y Kate Middleton. The role of the Lord Chamberlain becomes relevant in the face of new coronations. On that day he has three privileges: dressing the king, imposing the royal insignia on him, and giving him water before and after the banquet.

In this coronation it will be Lord Rupert Carrington, of the same age as Carlos, the one who assists the new monarch. The Carringtons are a well-established family in the UK. Some reader will remember a Carrington Secretary General of NATO in the late 1980s and Foreign Minister in the first government of Margaret Thatcher. He was the father of the new Lord Great Chamberlain.


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