Carlos III arrives in London to meet with the Prime Minister and address the nation

The British press expresses its gratitude to Elizabeth II and the pain of her death. “Our dear queen is dead,” reads the tabloid in large letters Daily Express on a black and white portrait of the sovereign in her maturity. That same image is the one chosen for its cover by The Times, which opts for a sober headline – “The death of the queen” – and highlights that “the world mourns the beloved sovereign”. “Our hearts are broken,” laments the Daily Mailwhile The Sun says goodbye to the sovereign with the headline “We loved her, ma’am”.

The Mirror only includes two words on its cover: “Thank You” (“Thank you”), on another portrait that occupies its entire cover, while The Daily Telegraph cites a phrase attributed to the queen herself, who died this Thursday at the age of 96: “Pain is the price we pay for love.” “She did her duty, ma’am,” headlines the tabloid dailystar, on one of the most famous photographs of the young Elizabeth II on the day of her coronation, in 1953. That same image occupies the cover of Guardianwhich is limited to verifying the historical fact of the queen’s death with the statement “Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)”, the same one that has been chosen Financial Times.


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