Car sales | Cars over 15 years old, protagonists of a second-hand market that falls by 8%

Last August it closed, according to data from the dealer associations -Faconauto- and official and independent distributors -Ganvam-, with a total of 135,479 second-hand vehicles sold, which represents a significant drop of 8.1% and the seventh month in a row in negative. So far this year, the second-hand marketfell 4.8% to 1,203,225 units.

According to both employers, the fall is the result of the “shortage of young models.” Thus, as is the case in the new car market, which despite improve in August by 9.1% accumulates a drop of 10% this yearthe chip crisis and the shortage of components is also punishing the second-hand market in a significant way, since it prevents the generation of stock, condemning younger second-hand cars.

In this sense, vehicle sales preowned -from zero to one year- plummeted 26.6%while those between one and three years old fell back 10.7%. They also fell, in a 3%, sales of vehicles between three and five years old. In contrast, the vehicles more than 15 years continue to improve their sales figures, capturing the 38.2% of the market with 51,799 units and uploading a 9.4% in so far this year. Likewise, given the impossibility of obtaining new vehicles to renew their fleets, rental companies and companies have considerably reduced the second-hand vehicles injected into the market, with which their sales fell, between January and August, by 23% and a 27%respectively.

This context generates a perfect storm in which the only beneficiary channel is the importer, an increase in sales of 29.5% in August and 46.5% in the accumulated of the year.

Diesel, the favorite fuel

What does not change in the second-hand market is the supremacy of diesel. While in the new car market diesel has been banished and far surpassed by gasoline and alternative cars, in the second-hand market it dominates 57.3% of operations, although sales of second-hand diesel vehicles dropped a 12.1% in August. Gasoline follows by far with a market share of 36.9%although transfers of gasoline cars fell less, by 5.4%.

As for alternative vehicles, plug-in hybrids are the most demanded, with a total of 1,013 units in August, followed by the 100% electric, who uploaded a 11.8% until 751 units.


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