Camilla, the queen consort

Camilla of Cornwallthe wife of Crown Prince Charles, becomes queen consort at 75 with the accession of her husband to the throneproduced automatically after the death of Elizabeth IIas marked by the strict protocol designed to carry out the succession, baptized as ‘Operation London Bridge’.

But what will it mean for her to be queen consort? Basically, this position will be limited to her figure as the wife of the ruling kingsince only this one will have the same powers as his mother, the predecessor monarch, considered head of state both in the United Kingdom and in a large part of the Commonwealth countries.

Does 70 years since there is no queen consort in the United Kingdom. The last was the mother of Elizabeth II, who was given her title after marrying George VI, which was withdrawn after his death in 1952. From then until her death in 2002, she was known as the queen mother.

Rapprochement between Queen Elizabeth II and Camila

The wives of British monarchs are always known as queen consorts, while the husbands of the queens only become prince consorts. But Camilla in principle, she was destined to become a princess consort with the accession to the throne of her husband Carlos.

Since her first public appearance with the then Prince of Wales, which dates back to 1999, British society has never looked favorably on Camila, a divorced mother of two children, who was also “guilty” of the break between the future king and Diana of Wales, who had tragically passed away just two years earlier. Elizabeth II herself was also distant with the sentimental choice of her sonto the point that he did not attend their wedding, which was finally celebrated in 2005 with a discreet civil ceremony.

So much so, that the monarch decided that, upon her death, Camila would become princess consort, the first in the history of the British monarchy. Although it was agreed that she receive the title of Duchess of Cornwall, a distinction that is always given to the heirs to the British throne.

However, since her marriage to the new King of England from now on, Camila Parker has not been involved in any scandal and has been able to stay by her husband’s side with great discretion, enduring public disapproval with fortitude, without complaining in any way. any time, in addition to committing to countless charitable actions.

this attitude allowed him to gain the trust of Elizabeth IIwho last February, during the celebration of his 70 years on the throne, his Platinum Jubilee, asked that at her death Camilla was recognized as the queen consortinstead of princess consort. “It is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camila will be known as queen consort while continuing her own loyal service,” the now-deceased queen said in a statement.

Isabel II’s letter last February was the result of the agreement with her heir Carlos. And also the gratitude of the queen herself towards her daughter-in-law for his discretion and his years of service to the crown.

Belonging to British high society

Born on July 17, 1947, Camila is the daughter of Major Bruce Shand, an Army officer and member of the nobility; and Rosalind Cubitt, daughter of Baron Ashcombe. This membership in British high society allowed her to be educated in elite schools in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

At the age of 23, he met the then Prince of Wales at a polo match. She soon became romantically involved, although she eventually married the older Andrew Parker Bowles, with whom she had two children. Charles had not decided to take the step of marrying her, which would have meant making a woman the future British sovereign. catholic and not anglican (although later he ended up converting to Anglicanism).

Years later, the Prince of Wales married Diana, but simultaneously resumed his relationship with Camila. After the divorce of Carlos and Diana, in 1996, Camila, divorced a year earlier, was able to start appearing publicly with Carlos. But the death of the princess in a car accident in Paris, in August 1997again relegated her to the shadows, where she had to distance herself from British public opinion, for whom Camila had been the main reason for the misfortune of the Princess of Wales, who did enjoy extraordinary popularity. Princess Diana herself, who knew that Camila was the great love of Carlos’s life, came to call him “rottweiler”.

Refused the title of Princess of Wales

Finally, after staying for a long time in the background, Camila married Carlos in 2005. From then on, officially, she corresponded to the title of Princess of Wales, but she never used it, since British society considered that she continued to correspond to the ill-fated Lady Di. Although the Duchess of Cornwall, as she became known, she stepped out of the shadows and began her new life as a member of the British Royal Family.

Since then, the acceptance of the Duchess of Cornwall has grown in the UK public opinion, although she remains one of the least loved members of the Royal Family. Just over 50% of Britons wanted her to become queenAccording to a survey published last year by the Daily Mail.


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