BLACKPINK’s Jennie defends herself from her haters with an epic message

The girls of BLACKPINK are finally back in style with “Shut Down” and their long-awaited album “Born Pink”, as everyone expected, they are already breaking dozens of records establishing themselves as one of the great forces of their genre and as if was little, Jenny Kim launched an epic message against his haters.

The girl kept her mouth shut and made fun of her haters, referring to her great popularity and avant-garde on the scene. kpop.

“You don’t want to be on my bad side. They’re a bit of wannabes who want to be me, I’d want to be too if I were you. I have been busy around the world casting pearls and investing in diamonds. They need a lesson, look at my necklaces, look at my dresses. We don’t buy anything, we just request.”

And it is that this epic answer is proven with facts, the girls have been busy during these last two years being representatives of luxury brands around the world traveling in private planes and wearing jewelry and outfits of thousands of dollars with an exclusivity that only BLACKPINK has reached.

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Of course, fans were completely charmed and took to social media to give their thoughts on the epic verse, claiming it’s an iconic rap that completely blew away haters who do nothing for their lives. BLINK concluded that Jennie’s rap is an epic diss-track.

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