Basket 30 euros from Carrefour: what nutritionists think

In the midst of runaway inflation mercilessly punishes the pockets of Spanish consumers, Carrefour launched an unbeatable offer last week, and this Monday it announced the products of the promotion. It is a basket of 30 basic products for 30 eurosin which fresh products have no place due to price volatility.

Between the 30 products from the Carrefour basket They include cleaning and hygiene items such as detergent for hand washing wool and delicate clothes, glass cleaner, compresses, toothpaste or scented bleach.

In the nutritional part, you can find products such as sea salt, ground coffee, peas, canned mushrooms, oat flakes or tuna in oil. Nevertheless, many consumers have noticed the presence of more processed and unhealthy productssuch as biscuits, white chocolate, canned meatballs, or hamburger buns.

Products that a priori were going to be included in the promotion, such as a package of cola cans, were finally discarded. Analyzing its content, Several Spanish nutritionists point out that the Carrefour basket cannot be labeled as “healthy” on a global level.

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“There are quite a few foods in the basket with a very high glycemic index and very pro-inflammatory”

Edgar Barrionuevo, nutritionist of the Silvia Giralt Aesthetics Clinic in Igualada (Barcelona), considers that the presence of processed foods, refined sugars and processed flours in the 30-euro basket at Carrefour is high, making it an unhealthy option as a whole.

“They are part of a pro-inflammatory diet with a very high glycemic index,” explains the expert to Business Insider Spain.

Although the nutritionist differentiates between those foods with a good nutritional profile, such as canned peas or peppers, remember that there are many products in the basket of low nutritional quality, such as white chocolate, ultra-processed juice, jam or white flour. “They are behind pathologies such as diabetes or obesity.”

In addition, the presence of very poor quality oils stands out, which it is better to “disregard”.

“A diet where the vegetal aspect predominates is more protective and preventive for health,” says Barrionuevo when asked about the possible adjustments for a healthier basket.

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In his opinion, although the basket does not include fresh products due to volatility, Carrefour could have opted for raw vegetable proteins such as dried legumes or deep-frozen fruits and vegetablesof good quality.

“These are picked fresh and retain all the nutritional properties at a good price. Green leafy vegetables like broccoli or spinach could be included, for example.” In addition, the nutritionist points out that the acquisition of this basket depends a lot on what it is combined with.

“It is one thing to combine it with fresh and healthy products and another, with even more ultra-processed products such as pizza, pastries, a McDonald’s hamburger or pre-cooked meals,” he says.

Edgar Barrionuevo proposes the cutting rule as a nutritional change. “If you displace white bread, cookies, jam or ultra-processed juices and introduce, for example, deep-frozen fruits such as blueberries or raspberries, you win.” Prices are affordable, and the fit benefits the body.

“The basket has nutritional insufficiencies”

Miriam Donet, nutritionist of the foodtech Spanish food delivery Vegan Food Club, Nor does he consider Carrefour’s 30-euro basket healthy “due to the various nutritional insufficiencies it presents”.

“The objective is to adjust the price with foods that are as cheap as possible, but at the same time, a diet rich in simple carbohydrates is becoming more visible, with the presence of various ultra-processed items,” he explains to Business Insider Spain.

The specialist also points out that the Carrefour basket has a lot of lack of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Not that everything in the basket is bad: Donet highlights which are the foods with the healthiest nutritional profile. Among them, oat flakes, corn cereals and sweet corn, “because they are sources of complete and interesting carbohydrates.”

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He also positively values ​​canned tuna as an alternative and peas as a source of vegetable protein, as well as laminated mushrooms and natural piquillo peppers, “the only vegetable foods that we would find in this shopping basket”.

The nutritionist emphasizes the serious lack of both vegetable and animal protein: there is no presence in it of any dairy, fish or meat, as well as part of the vegetables, with the absence of legumes or nuts. It also doesn’t include healthy fats.

“The absence of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, also indicates deficiencies in fiber, essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be missing from our diet”. Miriam Donet points out that in the long term, the consumption of products like these can cause insufficiencies at a nutritional level, resulting in some type of pathology.

“The key would be to find a balance between health and savings in the purchase, since they are related,” he stresses.

Like Edgar Barrionuevo, this nutritionist emphasizes the importance of a plant-based diet, prioritizing the purchase of more fruits and vegetables. “It is true that fresh products increase the price of the shopping list, but consumption can be expanded by combining them with naturally packaged foods.”

donut recommends that in the shopping basket there is no lack of whole grains, a variety of protein foods of animal and vegetable origin, nuts, seeds and when choosing an oil, prioritize the olivethe golden jewel of the Mediterranean diet.

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