B Lab presents a guide on the sustainable movement in companies

The B Corp Movement, which seeks to guide and certify companies that aspire to create a social and sustainable impact as well as an economic one, already has a translation of its guide in Spain, presented in Madrid and made from examples of real companies.

The text, entitled ‘B Corp Movement: how to use your company to generate a positive impact on society and the planet’ (Gestión 2000) and written by Ryan Honeyman and Tiffany Jana, includes “twenty or twenty-five cases of companies of all sizes and from all sectors that are rethinking their business model to do things betterDaniel Truran, ambassador of the non-profit organization B Lab Europe, explained to Efe.

Is about “true stories“, who talk about entrepreneurs who are carrying out their projects”with great difficulty” but what “have made the transition to what is really important“At a difficult time for the environment.

B Corp Movement

This movement, which started in 2014, is currently spread over 77 countries and around 4,400 companies belong to it, a limited number because “we receive many applications but we only certify those that meet a series of conditions“.

It’s not just about receiving a number and a stamp”Truran has warned, “but to change your essence, your status as a company” to fit the parameters required by your assessment tool, which measure the positive impact in the same workers of the company, in society and in the environment at the same time and requires obtaining a very high score in addition to signing a letter of interdependence.

Obtaining this certificate is “a demonstration that you are already on the right track” plus “doing things right pays off” The general director of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance of the MásMóvil Group, Javier Marín, told Efe.

In your case, “we have structured and defined certain actions of the company that were already started and we have reinforced them” for the benefit of society and the planet, such as the employment in its facilities of “green energy“.

The certification also supposes “sbeing a member of a community, from which you are also learning from things that others have done“, something that will be easier now with the translation of the book, according to Marín.

Another entity aligned within the movement is the SEK Educational Institution, whose Director of Strategy and Innovation, David Martín, defends reinforce the lines of social action and support”changes in internal work policies” that have to do with various factors such as governance, leadership or human resources in the company.

To this must be added action in the environmental framework with the installation, for example, of a biomass plant to provide renewable energy to the university campus.

Truran, Marín and Martín have participated in the presentation of the book together with the adjunct professor of Strategy at IE University, Martina Pasquini, from B Academics in an act moderated by the founder of Business For Good and coordinator of the adaptation of the book, Cristina Rodríguez . EFEgreen

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