Are they a danger to the Earth?

The POT has already launched its new mission, known as the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), which uses technology to achieve defend the Earth from potential impact hazards of asteroids or comets.

In fact, this new mission is launched with the aim of verifying its validity in the future defense of the Earth, so it will try to divert the trajectory of the asteroid Dimorphosas reported by the POT.

A) Yes, DART’s spacecraft will travel autonomously through space and will go autonomously to said asteroid, to impact it intentionally to change its course.

Does this asteroid pose a danger to Earth?

The truth is that the asteroid Dimorphos poses no threat to Earthbut NASA has taken it as an example to test its mission and be able to prepare to face others that do pose a real danger.

In fact, thanks to this impact and displacement of the asteroid, which can be measured with a telescopes, NASA will receive important information for future comets and asteroids.

Specifically, the impact will occur on September 26, 2022, after the ship was launched last November 2021.


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