Apple restores the service of its official website after suffering a 403 error

MADRID, 15 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

Manzana has restored the service of its official website, which has remained inactive and returned a error 403 which has denied users permission to “access this resource”.

The technology website has registered this failure, as reported by the specialized portal 9to5Macwhich occurs after the services of the App Store were affected after the launch of iOS 16 last Monday.

This error, which according to the media has even affected users of previous versions of iOSgave back random error messages to those who tried to update an ‘app’ and accept the new terms and conditions of the App Store.

Shortly after, Apple’s own website began to return an error to Internet users. Specifically, the 403, along with a message denying the user permission to “access this resource”.

The media has indicated that this failure has affected both the Apple website in the United States and in other countries, between approximately 4 and 7:30 in the morning (mainland Spain), according to data from the portal down-detector. In the case of Spain, it has maintained its normal activity at all times.

At this time, Apple has already solved the problem and your website is active again. However, the same portal has recalled that last week the page’s servers had problems with the reservations of the new iPhone 14and some customers were unable to complete their payment on time.

This circumstance forced them to restart the reservation process, which meant that the store offered them a later delivery date than the one granted in their first purchase attempt.

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