Apple made the launch of iOS 16 with new customization tools

Apple today released iOS 16, which brings major updates to lock screen accessibility, the ability to edit and collaborate with messages, new Mail tools, and different ways to interact with photos and video with live text. and “Visual Look Up”.

As for the screen updates, the lock screen now has an option to add a depth effect, showing the person in the photo against the time. In turn, they have the possibility to change the font of the lock screen and customize it with new widgets.

Alternatively, in front of the lock screen gallery, users can choose a suggested photo from their personal library or a dynamic set of photos that are mixed throughout the day. Another important aspect is that notifications now appear at the bottom of the lock screen and users can see it in an expanded list as a tally view.

With the developments of Focus, the Calendar, Mail, Messages and Safari applications can display the content that is relevant to the user, expanding the balance that is handled in the notifications section.

To improve mail productivity, they can now be scheduled ahead of time and also undelivered when a message arrives in recipients’ inboxes. Users can now long-press on an image to bring it out of the background and into messaging apps. At the same time, you can recognize animals and different elements of the photos.


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