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One of the tools that does not go unnoticed in any mobile device with an operating system , is the flashlight, that important function that is part of the flash that is located on the back of your smartphone, right next to the cameras, which is very useful to illuminate in dark places or where light is scarce. In this opportunity, from Depor we will explain why the flashlight of your cell phone does not turn on and what are the possible solutions to this inconvenience. Take note.

Smartphones have it all, they can serve as a radio, calculator, clock, etc., but one of the best functions is the flashlight, this could help you in situations of extreme risk, for example: blackouts or natural disasters that affect light poles in your area. It is always good to have the flashlight operational, as there is no telling when one of these unwanted events will occur.


  • First, check that your smartphone Android have a good percentage of battery, preferably above 20%, since at 15% many times it does not turn on and you mistakenly think that it has failed, even some brands and models tell you the following: “It is not possible to turn on the flashlight due to low battery percentage. Charge it.”.
  • Another reason is overheating of the device. When you have been playing or using your cell phone without interruption for several hours, it is normal for the back of the device to reach high temperatures, and it is for this reason that the system prevents you from turning on the flashlight. What you should do is wait for it to cool down a bit to use it.
  • Some users download external applications that allow them to turn on the flashlight by shaking the phone, on certain occasions these apps or APKs alter the normal operation of the native Android flashlight, we recommend you uninstall them so that it turns on again.
  • Finally, the cover can prevent the light of the flashlight from not coming out completely or even from being seen in a different color.


  • Clean the sensor of your Android cell phone. Free it from dust because due to dirt sometimes it can’t recognize your fingerprint.
  • Register the same fingerprint several times: Some phones support up to 5 fingerprints, a function that allows you to unlock your mobile with both hands. Ideally, you should only register the fingerprint of two fingers, that of the thumb and forefinger, so you can register both twice and reinforce the recognition of the sensor.
  • Access the “Settings” of Android.
  • Press the “Lock screen” section.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Fingerprints” > “Add Fingerprint” option.
  • Lastly, scan your thumb and index finger print and do the same process twice.
  • Cover the sensor with your other hand while you place your fingerprint: before putting your fingerprint, make a shadow on the sensor of your cell phone with the other hand. Remember that “optical readers under the screen lose effectiveness if you unlock the phone in a strong light environment”, highlighted Xataka Android.
  • Increases the touch sensitivity of the screen: If the scanner is located at the bottom of the screen, we recommend this setting, since it will improve the accuracy and speed of unlocking.
  • Go back to “Settings”.
  • Here you are going to click on the “Display” section.
  • Lastly, navigate over the options and activate the switch labeled “Increase touch sensitivity”.

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