Andersson’s resignation paves the way for a right-wing government in Sweden

As he had announced yesterday after acknowledging his defeat against the right, which achieved a meager majority in the elections held last Sunday (176 deputies and 49.5% of the votes compared to 173 and 48.8% of the left bloc), Magdalena Anderson, went to the “RIksdag” (Parliament) this morning to present his resignation to the Speaker of the House, Andreas Norlen.

faithful to “cordon sanitaire” to the extreme right, the Swedish Social Democratic leader extended her hand to the leader of the Moderate Party and aspiring prime minister, Ulf Krsitersson, to negotiate a government. “I have communicated [a Norlén] that if the conservatives change their mind and want to collaborate with me instead of with the SD [ultras Demócratas Suecos], my door is open”assured.

Andersson will now remain acting prime minister until Kristersson is nominated by the president of the Chamber to form a government and days later he submits to the confidence of the Riksdag, where he must oget at least 175 upvotes (or more supports and abstentions than votes against). The opening of the new Parliament is scheduled for on September 27, Therefore, at the earliest, an investiture session could be convened four days later, on October 1.


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