Ana Paula Consorte’s response after being made official by Paolo Guerrero | Brazil | NMRI-EMCC | | LIGHTS

The Brazilian dancer Ana Paula Consorte finally became the official girlfriend of the Peruvian soccer player, Well, the striker did not think twice and decided to give his place to the woman who accompanies him now.

The popular “predator” decided to make official the romance he has with Ana Paula Consort and for this he shared a collage of photos with the Brazilian and placing the following message: “I love you”.

Faced with such a demonstration of love, the reaction of Ana Paula Consort It was immediate because she also shared the same photo and responded to her beloved boyfriend like this: “I love you so much”.

Ana Paula Consort also encouraged to share part of the intimacy of Paolo Guerrero and it is that he showed some videos where the feet of Paolo and his father José Guerrero can be seen, a fact that did not happen with his previous partner, the Peruvian model Alondra García Miró, with whom the romance was kept in the strictest reserve by part from both.

In other stories, Ana Paula says good morning to her followers and teaches a message of love.

As is known, Paolo Guerrero had a long and notorious romance with the ex-reality girl Alondra García Miró who left her life in Peru to go with the captain of the Peruvian team.

The relationship would have ended several months ago, after the Peruvian model was no longer seen in Brazil and, on the contrary, she has been enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Europe.


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