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porsche has joined forces with American artist Daniel Arsham to create the Porsche 356 Speedster Bonsaione of his classic cars which is now a unique example in the world that has been designed following the Japanese “Wabi Sabi” aesthetic concept.

The artist has taken two years to give his vision of the convertible, in which he has sought to “highlight the age and wear of the vehicle”, exemplifying what it means to accept imperfections and “the search for peace in the natural processes of time manifest both on the bare metal exterior and indigo-tinted interior.”

You have removed any coats of paint and restorations that may have received the 356, to leave the bodywork, welds, natural wear and tear, with just a coat of linseed oil protecting the car from the elements. A Bonsai-shaped bronze relief appears on the rear engine grille.

Of course, although the exterior shows wear, all the components related to its operation have been restored to the state in which it left the factory.

The interior has been created in collaboration with Japanese fashion designers Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi and Yutaka Fujihara, opting for traditional Japanese fabrics, using the patchwork technique known as “boro” and “selvedge” interior sewing. Finally, a thick Japanese “denim” cotton fabric upholsters the ceiling.

Finally, in the trunk there is a Japanese tatami mat under the spare wheel. Made from rice straw, these mats are a classic element of Japanese architecture.

Arsham He stated: “The 356 is in a very interesting position within the Porsche catalogue, as a starting point for the brand. The nearly 70-year-old vehicle contains in its purest form the roots of the brand we know and love today.”

“Throughout my career, I have looked to Japan for inspiration because of its love and dedication to craftsmanship. This sensitivity was the basis of 356 Bonsai. We make all fabrics in Japan using traditional craftsmen,” he notes.

This is Arsham’s third project with a car from the German brand and Porsche Japan plans to exhibit it in Tokyo later this year.

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