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Do you know that aerothermal energy is a renewable and highly efficient source of energy that is perfect for generating heating? Today we are going to see what aerothermal energy is and how to use it to generate heating in our home, saving up to 50% energy compared to other systems such as gas. For more information on heat pump:

Aerothermal energy takes advantage of the energy stored in the form of heat in the air that surrounds us and that allows us to cover the demand for heating, cooling and domestic hot water in our home, although in this video we will focus on heating. How aerothermy works to generate air conditioning ➡️…

Aerothermal heat pumps are one of the most efficient technologies that exist in air conditioning. This is so because it obtains up to 80% of its energy from the air, a renewable and free source. For every electric kW that a heat pump uses in heating mode, it obtains 4.5 kW of heat (COP of 4.5). There are different types of aerothermal heat pump. We can install an air-water or air-air type heat pump. In the case of air-to-air heat pumps, the origin of the heat is the outside air and its destination is the inside air. This is the system that makes use of splits or multisplits, equipment that is usually used to generate air conditioning, but that can also expel hot air. Regarding air-water heat pumps, the thermal energy is transferred from the ambient air to a circuit fed with water and that will generate heating through different types of systems: radiators, fan-coils (also called fan coils) or floor radiant. Aerothermal energy can replace a boiler and can be installed in an existing radiator system. In these cases, it is essential that a professional installer carry out a good planning of the installation so that it is really efficient. Aerothermal works at low temperature or, in other words, heats the water in a circuit up to a maximum of 60ºC. Therefore, we will have to install radiators that work at low temperatures and have a greater number of elements. Fan coil units receive hot water from the outdoor unit. A fan drives the air and makes it go through the tubes through which the hot water passes, producing the temperature change here. After passing through the filter, the heated air goes outside the machine, heating the environment by lowering the relative humidity. As for underfloor heating, it is the ideal system for working with aerothermal energy. With working temperatures of the water for the underfloor heating between 30 and 60 degrees, and combined with the aerothermal heat pump, the consumption of this system is really low and the thermal comfort results are excellent. Finally, note that aerothermal energy can also be used to generate domestic hot water. To do this, a hot water storage tank is used that can be either divided or integrated into the same compact system. More information about aerothermy in ➡️…

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