AF Motor already accepts orders for the new Mitsubishi ASX

Ramon Gomez

06:50 • 22 Sept. 2022

updated at 06:53 • 22 Sept. 2022

The new Mitsubishi ASX has just been presented in society, the successful Japanese model will continue to retain the commercial name by which we know it in Spain, and which we have been able to get to know in depth throughout all this time thanks to the official dealer for Almería, belonging to Grupo Saveres.

It stands out mainly for its innovative design that inherits the new features introduced in the Outlander and with fine LED headlights. The vehicle has improved significantly thanks to the existing agreement with Renault, from whom it inherits part of the cabin design, technology, digitization and the latest in connectivity

As for the range of engines for this important model, it will offer with a variety practically adapted to all tastes and pockets. Gasoline and hybrid engines, one self-rechargeable and the other plug-in, disappearing from the configurator diesel versions. The range, with three and four cylinders, will move between 91 and 160 CV, with a maximum autonomy of up to 50 kilometers in electric mode.

As the most important fact, it should be noted that the manufacture of this model will be SpanishY Everything seems to indicate that we will be able to enjoy it at the official AF Motor dealership in the spring of 2023.. Find out now about all the details of the new model, if you want to be among the first to enjoy it in Almería.

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