A tribute to morna, the musical genre of Cape Verde

The town of Praia Branca, on the island of São Nicolau, in Cape Verde is now also known as “Terra d’Sodade”. The town thus pays homage to the famous morna singer, Cesária Évora. The Casa da Morna has been installed in what was the home of Arando Zeferino Soares, composer of the morna Sodade in the 50s of the last century.

“We want the city of Praia Branca, through the morna “Sodade” to be an attraction for the island of São Nicolau. Because if Cape Verde is known today, when we have any doubt about where Cape Verde is, we only have to sing the morna ‘Sodade’ and people remember where they are”, explains José Freitas de Brito, mayor of Tarrafal de São Nicolau.

**Morna is the typical musical and dance genre of Cape Verde, usually accompanied by viola, cavaquinho, violin, piano and guitar.**The lyrics especially express the romanticism, the way of life of its people and a deep love for her land. A widespread love for the ten islands of the archipelago and that led the morna to be classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2019.

“The fact that we have a territorial representation justifies this classification of the morna, which in itself shows that the morna is national regardless of its place of birth,” says Jair Fernandes, from the Cultural Heritage Institute.

The Casa da Morna – Sodade was the second most visited museum in Cape Verde in 2021. There is also another morna interpretation center on the island of Brava, the Casa-Museu Eugénio Tavares, and another center is being prepared to open on the island of Brava. island of Boa Vista, considered the cradle of this musical genre.


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