A total of 15 agents from Gipuzkoa will get to know the new mobility ecosystem in the Netherlands

The delegation made up of R&D centres, entities and companies participates in the mission promoted by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and Chamber


A delegation of 15 agents made up of R&D centers and companies from Gipuzkoa will participate next week in an innovation mission to the Netherlands focused on new mobility, promoted by the Provincial Council and Chamber of Gipuzkoa, in collaboration with MUBIL and the Scientific-Technological Consortium BRTA.

The participants in the mission will have the opportunity to share successful experiences in the field of the new “electric, sustainable and connected” mobility, in addition to learning about the most innovative advances of one of the “world’s leading” countries in the field .

“It is a magnificent opportunity to learn and see first-hand how they are facing this challenge, but also to explore possible ways of collaborating and new opportunities for Gipuzkoa”, highlighted the Deputy for Economic Promotion and Strategic Projects, Jabier Larrañaga, in a statement .

The mission will take place from September 21 to 23 and will visit different parts of the country such as Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Eindhoven, Helmond, Amsterdad and Utrecht, nodes of ecosystems specialized in the new mobility.

The work agenda will include meetings with institutional representatives, technology centers, universities and automotive companies, recharging infrastructures, smart energy management systems or batteries. In addition to sharing pioneering and avant-garde initiatives that are being carried out in Gipuzkoa, the objective of the mission is to find out about trends and innovative projects.

The delegation from the Provincial Council and Chamber of Gipuzkoa will be headed by Deputy Jabier Larrañaga and General Manager Javier Zubia, respectively. Also participating will be Ane Insausti, director of the MUBIL foundation, Rikardo Bueno, director of BRTA, as well as representatives from BIC Gipuzkoa, MCC Mondragón Corporation, or regional research centers such as Tecnalia, CEIT, CIC Nanogune, Tekniker, Lortek, Ikerlan and Vicomtech.


Larrañaga recalled that one of the main premises of Etorkizuna Eraikiz consists of “monitoring the successful practices of the most advanced countries to contrast our public policies and strategic projects for the future”.

“Now we are immersed in promoting the New Mobility Hub in Zubieta, which will house Mubil’s definitive headquarters. This Hub will have a top-level technological infrastructure for testing key components for the vehicles of the future -energy storage, Power Train and hydrogen fuel cell – Throughout this mission we will be able to learn about experiences of similar collaborative ecosystems in the Netherlands, and share the steps we have been taking in Gipuzkoa, which will surely serve to enrich the project” , has explained.

The mission is one of the annual actions included in the collaboration between the Chamber of Gipuzkoa and the Provincial Council, and which in the last two years could not be carried out due to mobility limitations due to the pandemic.

Javier Zubia, for his part, highlighted the importance of “weaving a network of contacts that, in addition to the opportunity for collaboration, can lead to future business opportunities for our companies”. Another example of this is the ‘Ingimob’ programme, with which the business fabric of Gipuzkoa is helped to identify and promote the development of new business projects in the electric mobility sector through the creation of new startups or diversification projects by of the companies.

The Netherlands is one of the main references in sustainable and intelligent mobility. It is the country with the most electric chargers in Europe, accounting for 25% of the total on the continent. BEV and PHEV sales together account for nearly 50% of new vehicle sales. As explained by the Diputación, it has been an example of encouraging the purchase of sustainable vehicles, and brings together cutting-edge public-private initiatives in technology and business projects.

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