A terrifying fire devours a skyscraper in the Chinese city of Changsha

The burning colossus in China. A creepy fire has devoured this Friday a skyscraper of more than 200 meters in the city of Changsha, capital of the central province of Hunan. The flames have spread rapidly all over the building, which houses the headquarters of the China Telecom telephone operator, and have raised a gigantic column of smoke visible for kilometers. At the moment, the causes and if there are victims are unknown.

According to Chinese media reports, the fire was detected at 15:48 (09:48, Spanish peninsular time) and they went to put it out 36 tank trucks with 280 firefighters. After little more than an hour, the emergency services considered it extinct. the firebut the search and rescue tasks of possible victims continue.

As the videos circulating on social networks show, a tongue of fire It ran along the entire facade of the skyscraper, which was the tallest in Changsha when it was built in 2000. In addition to the China Telecom offices, it houses other offices, whose employees had to be evacuated on the run as soon as the fire was detected. While several videos show the huge column of smoke that has risen over the city, in another you can see the hasty exit of the frightened workers from the building. In total, the China Telecom tower measures 218 meters and has 42 floors plus two underground floors.

During the 2009 Lunar New Year holidays, a fire swept through a building under construction attached to the CCTV state television tower in Beijing and a firefighter died during firefighting. The following year, another fire devoured a 28-storey skyscraper in Shanghai due to a spark in the renovation work that was being carried out, causing the death of 58 people.


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