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Germany has become an important showcase for the Spanish train manufacturer Talgo. The public operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) you have chosen the model ICE L as a basis for the design of your future fleet. Both companies signed in 2019 a framework agreement that contemplated the order of up to a hundred units of this train for long distances, crystallizing until now the order of 23 compositions (a locomotive and 17 cars).

The CEO of Talgo, Gonzalo Urquijoand its counterpart in DB, Michael Peterson, have presented this morning the first passenger car of the aforementioned ICE L intercity. With a multi-system locomotive (compatible with different voltages and signaling systems) its maximum speed will be 230 kilometers per hour. The entry into operation is scheduled for the second half of 2024. A greater capacity (562 seats) and comfort are among the attributes of this rolling stock, in addition to an improvement in efficiency. According to Talgo, the fact of equipping independent wheels and guided axles reduces the weight per passenger by 20% compared to its competitors.

The operator will use the ICE L both in the domestic market and on international and interoperable routes, connecting Germany with Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland border. Peterson stressed that “the level of access in the ICE L defines the criteria that we want to follow from now on in the vehicles of the future for long-distance transport. We are making rail travel even more inclusive and comfortable.” Since TalgoUrquijo states that “we are dealing with new generation trains that will strengthen Deutsche Bahn’s offer and that are part of a completely new standard that is marked by what we believe is the most demanding customer in the world rail market.”

The entry into operation of the ICE L is scheduled for the second half of 2024

550 million in portfolio

The value of the firm contract for Talgo is €550 million. Three years ago, the Spanish won an international process in which the German also participated Siemens.

Among the attributes unknown until now in Germany, the Talgo material will be the first long-haul that allows access at platform level (without steps), in addition to being equipped with 17 passenger cars, a number that adapts to demand.

The design takes into account passengers with reduced mobility, travelers with bulky luggage or families with children and baby seats. Wi-Fi internet access, more space for luggage, new seats, places for bicycles or information screens are other additions to these trains.

Talgo’s ICE L will be compatible with other electric and diesel locomotives and are called to help Deutsche Bahn in its goal of decarbonising mobility.


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